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LoFi Media

Two hipsters, a ginger, and a black guy walk into a bar... this isn't the start of a bad joke, it's the next LoFi concert! LoFi is a Wu-Tang esque group of rappers who function in a loose collective, rather than getting together on every song. They support each other and perform together all the time, striving to improve along the way.

They have performed at venues all over town, including the 9,000 person charity event the Benson Zombie Walk.

About Morris Miles

   "I basically admitted at like fifteen I was never going to be Eminem." - JackPrice/Morris Miles. This 18 year old emcee, instead of frantically rhyming every syllable tells his life's story for what it is, and shows us the good with the bad without grandiose attempts at bravado. He is easy to relate to while also being someone to look up to musically.

About Sigma

If the eccentric Mozart was born in 1998; he might have had a few things in common with this fellow. Sammy Sigma has a wild personality, and it shows in his music, he depicts tales of love and death, happiness and tragedy. His music is schizophrenic; and that’s the genius of it! He is as contradicting as any great mind, and is a true example of the mad musician.

About L Oquence

What happens when the great grandson of a blues legend picks up a microphone? He confuses listeners. "Is it pop? Is it rap? Is it music? Is it noise? Do I even have ears?" Is what one rather inebriated listener said.

A trippy combination of alternative hip-hop in the tradition of Aesop Rock and Mf Doom, and electro-pop influenced by groups like The Postal Service, L Oquence is an example of what happens when you give a rapper a computer and an abundance of free-time, as he makes all of his own instrumentation, using synthesizers and computer music.

L Oquence is also known for his efforts to produce music no matter what, not letting anything get in his way. One time, whilst being a member of a different group, running out of places to record, he set up a not-so-legal studio for a day in a foreclosed home.

The great-grandson of Wynonie Harris, L Oquence also attempts to live up to his family's legacy with his music. He has been on the radio programs Hype Vibe Radio and Shepiphany, both airing on 1690 AM, he has also been on the TV program Angel's World of Food, and performed songs with legends such as K-Rino.

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